The listed system below is used island-wide by the United States Forces Japan personnel. Its objective is to prevent injury and property damage thru awareness and preparation.



TC-4 Destructive winds of 50 knots or greater are possible within 72 hours

Stock up on food,bottled water, dry milk, batteries,flashlights,candles, and other emergency supplies.
Don't wait too long or you will face long lines and possibly short supplies.

TC-3 Destructive winds of 50 knots or greater are possible within 48 hours. Initiate a general clean up of outside areas.
Pick up loose items such as toys,garden tools,and lawn furniture.
TC-2 Destructive winds of 50 knots or greater are possible within 24 hours. Store or secure all outdoor property such as picnic tables, potted plants, grills, and sheds to prevent damage. Bring trash cans into storage areas. The cans and lids can cause damage if left unsecured.
TC-1 Destructive winds of 50 knots or greater are possible within 12 hours. DoDD schools are closed.
Full any available empty container with water. Make a final checks of food,water,batteries,etc.
Winds are blowing at 34 to 49 knots and are expected to reach 50 knots or more within 12 hours. All outdoor activities should cease, except those in direct support of urgent military missions. All non-mission-essential personnel are released from work and should be off the streets and in their residences.
Destructive winds of 50 knots or greater are occuring. Power failure may occur. All outside activities are prohibited Listen to AFN radio or TV for current typhoon information.(AFN 648AM/89.1FM/TV channel 6 or 8)
Destructive winds passed but winds of 34 to 49 knots are still occurring. All outside activities are prohibited except for damage assessment ad repair teams begin their operations.
The typhoon is moving away. However, there might be hazardous areas storm has damaged. Normal activities may resume with caution two hours after the declaration of Storm Watch, but stay alert in case the storm returns.
ALL CLEAR All tropical cyclone danger has passed. DoDD schools restart if it is during class hours. The typhoon danger has passed. Normal readiness. Be alert to hazardous areas where the storm has damaged.

Tropical Storm: Maximum sustained winds of 34-63 knots.
Typhoon: Maximum sustained winds of 64 knots or greater. Condition 4 stays in effect between July to November.

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